The Cobblers are a church group where the priest is available with other kids training to become a (librarian, farmer, etc.) They were added in the version 1.1.2 along with the Royal Blacksmiths.


They do what villagers do, and that is being available to chat, trade and play tag.


The kids have been told NOT to jump on the farm, since they were so poor and weak a few months ago so they shouldn't jump and/or trample (run) on the small farm. They play tag every day and chat each other every night. They seem to get better and better at playing tag.


The adult seems to be a priest from the church. He is a semi-priest, which means he is almost a priest and trains to be one. His nature is relaxed, and calm.
2012-12-16 19.37.36

Inside the Cobblers' house, which seems to be made of stone and cobblestone, with a shared ender chest with the Royal Blacksmiths, a chest, some bookshelves and an enchantment table.


It appears that the adult only trades:

1 emerald for 2 glowstone (added 12/16/12)